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Thank you, Mystery Science Theater 3000, I can now never think about springs the same way ever again.

In case you were wondering about my inappropriate laughter at times, this is one of the reasons.
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☻/ This is bob, copy paste him on
/▌ every comment you see so he can
/ \ make people hate your ass

Sorry, I just had to. Shouldn't it be bloody obvious already?

Also, it doesn't matter if you put a leading space there or not, Bob seriously needs the services of a chiropractor.

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Apparently, DD-WRT Micro's repeater bridge mode, at least on a Belkin F5D7030-4, isn't all it's cracked up to be... I'm just sayin'. I have the feeling it somehow winds up messing up the timeslots and transmitting over the AP it's supposed to be listening to?


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I just saw this flash by in an Autoconf script

            .       .
             } 6 6 {
            ==. Y ,==
              /^^^\  .
             /     \  )  Ncat: A modern interpretation of classic Netcat
            (  )-(  )/
            -""---""---   /
           /   Ncat    \_/
          (     ____
Configuration complete.
   (  )   /\   _                 (
    \ |  (  \ ( \.(               )                      _____
  \  \ \  `  `   ) \             (  ___                 / _   \
 (_`    \+   . x  ( .\            \/   \____-----------/ (o)   \_
- .-               \+  ;          (  O                           \____
(__                +- .( -'.- <.   \_____________  `              \  /
(_____            ._._: <_ - <- _- _  VVVVVVV VV V\                \/
  .    /./.+-  . .- /  +--  - .    (--_AAAAAAA__A_/                |
  (__ ' /x  / x _/ (                \______________//_              \_______
 , x / ( '  . / .  /                                  \___'          \     /
    /  /  _/ /    +                                       |           \   /
   '  (__/                                               /              \/
                                                       /                  \

Awesome. :D

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I had the weirdest dream last night where I met tgies where he was living. He had an apartment at the back of a very dark 1980s looking shopping center. I knew it was him when we met because he was wearing giant orange-rimmed dark sunglasses. The apartment had a lot of weird books on shelves in it and didn't have a bathroom; I asked him where that was, and he said, "Oh, that's triggered by the mound script" and typed something with a silly name into an ssh session on a computer. Outside the window, an access hatch on a vertical metal manhole shaft protruding from a mound of gray material that looked like a giant lump of anthracite coal was lifted off by a crane, which then reached down into the shaft at an obtuse angle, picking out a basket of the material the mound was made of from some side shaft down the manhole and dropping it on the side, where it immediately crystallized. It looked like volcanic pumice rock right after freshly crystallizing. Whatever that material was, it apparently had to be periodically scooped out to keep the bathroom free of it? After that we walked outside and the rising sun revealed a lake bordered by giant flowering trees.

I still have to wonder what that bathroom looked like!!

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--> tgies (tgies@whatever) has joined #animutation
<G-Flex> tgies here is what happens in some sort of film
<G-Flex> a guy walks up to a counter, or a bus driver, or any situation where you might pay for something
<G-Flex> and shows the clerk/whoever a kinsey scale card
<G-Flex> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3038/3032771766_ba30f945c6.jpg
<G-Flex> the first couple numbers have holes punched through them
<G-Flex> the guy at the counter (or whatever) punches another hole, the camera cuts to show the customer guy again and he looks slightly more stereotypically gay
<G-Flex> (when you get all 7 punched you win a free sexual orientation)


So, am I the only one who makes way too much use of the USPS Automated Postal Center machines?

I love those things... I can go in at 3 in the morning to drop off the books we've sold via half.com/amazon marketplace, and not have to stand in line or wait for the one clerk in the post office to go into the back for a long period of time to go file the last customer's parcels into the right bin before being available to serve anyone else... or, heaven forbid, the infamous "oops, the only clerk here has to go take a bathroom break... everyone has to leave now no matter how long you were in line."

There's just one thing that bugs me though... why are they only in post offices? It seems like the things could be easily placed in a supermarket, convenience store, etc. The largest part of the setup seems to be the giant blue drop box that sits next to it.

Strange. Ah well, it's USPS, one must simply be glad when they get your parcel shipped out in a fairly reasonable time. (Yes, I've dealt with lost mail drama before, WHARRGARBL.)

Now, where'd I put that photo? Somewhere I have a photo of where I lined up all my outgoing mail for one night down the concourse inside the Ludlam Road post office, and it stretched about 75% the length of the office. Teehee... EPIC MAIL.
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Boy, it's odd when headphones and glasses scrape against each other. I either need a different style of headphones, or to replicate this dude's engineering. (Honestly, though, I'd rather do it in such a way that the glasses sort of attach magnetically to the bar. Maybe that'll be version 2.)

Also, my USB audio box is overpowered when powering a Sennheiser PMX 40. I fear what this thing would do if you plugged earbuds into it --- it might be a little like the horrible experiment I performed on a malfunctioning pair where I got the diaphragms to tear off the surrounds... XD

you too, tigerdirect?

Like, forever, there have been websites trying to pull in traffic by posting unrelated (or semi related?) product reviews to their pages as search keyword bait...

I suspect TigerDirect's doing it now too.

Why? Well, I can't help but notice that in most of their product pages, when the product goes on special, there are user reviews that do not match the product. At all.

Here's an example. Reviews mention a "modem" and a USB wireless adapter --- this page is for a PCI wireless adapter.

I dunno... maybe it's just stupid users... but it seems really strange!